About Us

Rajendra Vidyalayais an English medium school. The school admits boys and girls from the age group of 3½ years and above. It has a Lower Kindergarten section, with modern Kindergarten equipment. The teachers are highly qualified and trained.
The School is run by the Bihar Association, a registered society, which also constitutes the governing body of the school. The responsibility for the day to day running of the school is vested in the principal, appointed by the governing body. Rajendra Vidyalaya receives no Government or Private aid and fees are the only income. Hence fees have to be adjusted from time to time to keep up with rising costs and salaries of the staff. The school is affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, and prepares both boys and girls for the ICSE and ISC examinations conducted by the same Council. The medium of instruction in English, the International language of today. However Hindi, the national language has a vital role in the school curriculum and is taught daily in all classes. The intellectual education in R.V. is liberal and universal, but at the same time it is Indian and firmly rooted in Indian History and tradition and according to the suggestions made by the Indian Education Commission.
The academic session of the school is from April to March. Major holidays are in May (summer vacation).
Regular attendance is essential. Boys/Girls whose conduct is detrimental to the school principles and other students are liable to be expelled forthwith. Students learn the value of discipline through a programme under which higher class students are responsible for good order in the school. In this way they learn to respect authority regardless of the person and to use it themselves with impartiality and justice.
At the School Annual Prize Night, awards are given to those students who have shown excellence in studies and to those who are outstanding in the co-curricular activities of the school. C. D. Singh Scholarships of Rs. 75/- and Rs. 100/- per month are given to the students who score the highest marks at the ICSE and ISC examinations respectively. These scholarships are tenable for two years under terms and conditions laid down in this regard.
Free studentship
It is for I.S.C. studies at the Vidyalaya and is granted to students who secure 90% or above in each subject at the I.C.S.E. Examination.
S.P. Sinha Award
A Gold Medal (10 gms) with Rs. 5000/- is awarded to all those students who get 95% or above in each subject at the I.C.S.E. or I.S.C. examinations. In case of securing 95% in the aggregate only, at the said examinations Rs. 5000/- only will be awarded.
School Library
The school has a large and modern library, well stocked with books on various topics. The library is open to the senior students of the school. The lower class students are provided with class libraries. The reading room attached to the main library is equipped with magazines and newspapers. Reading is encouraged and even insisted upon.
Applications are invited on the prescribed form to the L.Kg. and higher classes at the beginning of the session as per vacancies through the school Notice Board. L.Kg. applicants are selected by random selection system, no interview. The other applicants are required to sit for an entrance test for general aptitude. No admission is possible unless the candidate produces a transfer certificate from the previous school (for upper classes only). The date of birth, surname, and title, as recorded in the admission register at the time of admission will not be changed under any circumstances.
For the withdrawal of a student, at least ONE MONTH'S notice must be given to the Principal in writing, failing which one month's fees will be charged in lieu thereof. A transfer certificate will be issued only after all dues have been cleared and the school?s library books and property returned.
Suspension and Dismissal
Principal/Vice Principal/Co-ordinators reserves the right to suspend from the school a student whose conduct is, in their opinion against the good moral tone of the school. Any action detrimental against the fair name of the school, willful damage to the school property, disobedience of authority unsatisfactory progress in studies, lack of diligence, long absence without proper reason are sufficient for expulsion. The parents/guardians will have to comply with the decision of the principal/Vice Principal on the basis of the rules and regulations of the school.
No student is expected to be absent from the class without specific permission of the class teacher. There should be valid/genuine reason for absence from the school for more than 5 days particulary before or after vacation and examination. If the leave is not granted by Principal/Vice Principal this will become a case of readmission. An absence of more than five days, especially before or after a vacation without the prior permission of the Principal renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls and to submit to formal readmission by having to pay a fee of Rs. 500/- when he/she returns, provided his/her place has not been given to another applicant (Rs. 750/- for Stds. XI & XII). A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should submit a doctor?s certificate of fitness before being permitted to sit in class. No student will be allowed to attend school for a part of the day's session just to answer class tests. If a boy/girl is not well, he/she may not come to school.
Promotion is granted on the average of all the marks/ grades in the year (not only the final examinations). Passing marks for all subjects is 40% (Grade E). For promotions passing marks in English, Hindi and Maths are absolutely necessary. A failure in two other subjects means a detention in the class. For Std XI, passing marks in Eng. and three core subjects are the basis for promotion to Std. XII. A student must have 90% attendance for promotion. A student will be allowed to repeat the class only once in each of the three sections: primary (L.Kg. to Std. II), Middle (Stds. 3 to 6) and High (Stds. 7 to 9). The decision is taken by the Principal after consultation with the staff. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases. In Std XI students are expected to pass in all 5 subjects. However, for promotion to Std. XII passing in English and three core subjects based on year's average is absolutely necessary. It has been decided by the School Managing Committee that the students of Std. XI who do not fulfil the promotion criteria, will be asked to discontinue, as there is no question of repeating Std. XI. The students detained will have to apply to the Principal for re-admission and the case will be dealt with, on merit. Answer scripts, of all three sessions, will not be kept beyond 30 days after the distribution of report cards after each Terminal Examination. Therefore, any parent wishing to see the answer script of his ward for the first two terminal examinations must do so within that period in consultation with the subject teacher concerned. Final examinations papers are not shown to the guardians.
Honours Cards
Honours cards are given for outstanding performance in studies according to the following criterion:. 1st Honours : 70% in all subjects and B grade in SUPW. 2nd Honours 60% in all subjects and C grade in SUPW.
Examination System
There will be three terminal examinations in a year.
There will be unit test each terminal examination.
There will be terminal exams of 70/80 marks